Be part of the change Become an beta tester!

We are building a product that helps companies upgrade their support team. Integration of roadmaps, knowledge boards and etc. made easy.

Bimbala - try it

Amazing Benefits

Here are part of our features and future plans.

Your own world

Everyone will receive a sub-domained version of our product.

Make your voice heard

Understanding your process and business can make our product a longer and lasting impact on your business. Don't worry there is a meme channel.


Being part of a community which core idea is making you business go big.


We remember who helped us in the past. That is why you will receive a life-time coupon if you help us with out process.


Yep we hopefully have those as well. * (We are still waiting them to come to us.)

New features every month

We are building and breaking sporadically. That is why you will see all kind of new features all the time.

Let's learn more about you

We've created a simple contact form so we can understand your business and to see if we can help each other out. Our software still has a bug or two, so hopefully you don't mind.