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Free online tools that could boost your productivity

Product management
Free online tools that could boost your productivity

Introduction πŸ“š

In the dynamic world of digital technology, sometimes it's the smallest tools that can make the biggest difference.  But wait, who even likes doing repetitive and time-consuming tasks nowadays?  πŸ€¨ Today, we will focus on two free tools that can enhance productivity significantly for Product Owners and Front-End Web Developers crafted with love by Bimbala.

Markdown Changelog Generator for the Efficient Product Owner πŸ’ΌπŸš€

If you're a Product Owner, balancing multiple tasks can be daunting. When it comes to documenting changelogs, isn't it better to have a tool that saves your time and energy? Meet Markdown Changelog Generator – a simple, yet powerful, online tool that makes changelog generation as simple as pie.

Changelog tool screenshot
Changelog generator screenshot

Try it now:

Key Features:

Markdown Changelog Generator does exactly what its name suggests – it generates changelogs in markdown format. All you need to do is fill out a simple form with details like version, release date, and changes, and voila! It spits out well-formatted markdown in seconds. 

How it saves time:

With this tool, you need not spend time mastering markdown syntax or fear making formatting mistakes. Its intuitive and efficient interface simplifies the arduous task of update tracking.

Guide to Leverage Markdown Changelog Generator:

To get started, simply put in the relevant information in the respective fields of the form and click on the "generate" button. You’ll be presented with a beautifully formatted changelog that you can directly use for your project documentation.

Responsive Image Breakpoints Generator for Front-End Web Developers πŸ–₯πŸš€

Building a responsive website is not purely about adaptable layouts; it extends to media too. Here’s where Responsive Image Breakpoints Generator comes into play. This free online tool allows you to convert your images into responsive variants for different viewport sizes.



Responsive image generator tool screenshot
Responsive image generator screenshot


Check it out:

Key Features:

Upload your image, click "Generate images", and the tool instantly offers you a set of resized images with a variation of formats and sizes. You get an array of images optimized for different screen resolutions.

How it saves time:

No more tedious manual resizing. No more worries about optimal image rendering on variable screen sizes. With this tool, you boost your productivity by focusing more on innovating and less on operational tasks.

Conclusion 🏁

Great tools can change the way we work. Markdown Changelog Generator and Responsive Image Breakpoints Generator, despite being small and dedicated to specific tasks, can significantly up your productivity game. We'd love to hear from you! Have you used these tools before? Do you know of other free, task-specific tools that have boosted your efficacy?

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