Use Cases

Here we provide examples of the best ways to use our system. If you have more ideas please share them with us.

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Bimbala is a tool to help everyone gather and share feedback / information. Here's part of the use cases how our clients use us:

Prioritize customer feedback
Consolidate all user feedback into a single location, address, prioritize, and create a roadmap for product development.
Keep a changelog
Share your latest product updates. Enhance awareness of new features and boost customer engagement using a changelog.
Track customer satisfaction
Continuously track customer satisfaction to gauge their experience. Collect feedback systematically to drive ongoing enhancements and improvements.
Public Roadmap Tool
Gather user feedback through a simple form, allowing users to also vote on existing suggestions. Strategically prioritize this feedback to shape and develop your product roadmap.
Internal Feedback Tool
Empower your team to seamlessly share and manage internal feedback, fostering improved communication and collaboration.
Feature Tracking Software
Bimbala serves as a tool that enables you and your team to log feature requests, bug reports, or suggestions directly from your application. Customers have the ability to contribute their feedback and vote on existing feature requests, facilitating the rapid improvement of product ideas and the enhancement of existing features.

Designed with your client in mind.

Beautifully crafted HQ which provides your customers with an alternative to the boring old feedback hub / help desk.
Designed with your client in mind