Bimbala update - September 2022 Updates

Bimbala update - September 2022

This is part of our new segment showing what we have done for the last month or at least the stuff you guys can "see". 

1. Android app 

+ open sourced at

+ is submitted for review on Google Play.

2. On Discord

+ Added the Rules screen

+ Added more rules

+ Added channels connecting with our Apps (Desktop, mobile, and web)

3. New blog image for our bi-weekly updates 

4. Our software

+ Under the hood changes - updated components

+ Server updates - containers and etc

+ Added a bit more caching to our Caddy install

+ Cleaned our code for better maintenance

5. Our website

+ Fixed "Book a demo" - sent to the wrong URL - "Gabo said it his bad"

+ Added screenshot of our software

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