Provide answers to all common questions

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Unload your support team from answering the same questions over and over again

Caring about users

Demonstrate reliability

Caring about users' troubles is valuable and will make them come back to you.

  • Facilitate the onboarding process for new users, helping them get started seamlessly with your product
  • Establish credibility by openly addressing common concerns and questions and build trust as users perceive the availability of helpful resources for their needs
  • Adopting FAQ enhances user satisfaction by offering a self-help resource and minimizes frustration by addressing common concerns promptly

Automate question answering

Your customers' curiosity should be satisfied, but you should probably save yourself the monotonous job of answering the same question from different users.

  • Group the questions and answers by topic
  • Adding a new FAQ made easy
  • Bring up the important spots of your product
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Designed with your client in mind.

Beautifully crafted HQ which provides your customers with an alternative to the boring old feedback hub / help desk.
Designed with your client in mind