Let your users give you product improvement suggestions, bringing their feedback to a next level

The upvote feature's screenshot

Why use forms when upvote gives you tons of rated customer feedback all in one place?

List of upvote items

User feedback collection, organization, and voting made easy

A board made for you and improvement suggestions for your product. The best ideas always go first.

  • Comments feature for each item
  • Convert the best requests to workable product roadmap tickets
  • Make your own categories

Build stronger relationships with your customers

The faithful customers are worth their weight in gold. That is why you should take care of their needs and make them feel valued.

  • Get a sight over users' pain points and discuss ideas with them, showing that you work on their requests
  • Let the other users vote for an idea that is already posted, expressing their feelings
  • Boost your product
Preview of an upvote item

Designed with your client in mind.

Beautifully crafted HQ which provides your customers with an alternative to the boring old feedback hub / help desk.
Designed with your client in mind